Track Your Fleet

Our web-based, easy-to-use fleet and asset tracking solution, FLEETBridge, helps you improve the way you manage your vehicles, equipment, freight, and workers. By leveraging the FLEETBridge vehicle and driving behavior data, and/or asset location and handling information, you will be able to make more informed decisions that ultimately impact organizational efficiency and bottom-line profitability.


FLEETBridge provides useful, reliable and actionable information rather than complex technology. Some of the unique benefits offered by FLEETBridge solution and our team are:

Device and Network Flexibility

We embrace the diversity of the location industry and support multiple wireless networks and telemetric devices and are continually evaluating new solutions. We’ll help you select the right device for your organization without limiting your options as your business grows and your requirements change.

Simple Application Interface and Administration Control

View all of the information you require from the main dashboard on any web-enabled device and protect your data by defining who has access to features, data and reports.

Support for Seasonal Work Schedules

We easily accommodate seasonal schedules, with no additional administration fees for pausing and reinstating your service as you need it.

Full Suite of Fleet Tracking Features

Easily monitor and manage your fleet and/or asset location, driving behavior and maintenance requirements.

Easy Device Installation

Most of our devices are ‘plug and play’ or simple 3 wire installs. We also have trusted installation partners to assist when needed.

No Contract or Overage

All services are offered on a month-to-month basis and you can use the service as much as you need for one low monthly price.

Partnership with Our Clients

We will work with you to improve your business and bottom-line today and in the future.

Personal Customer Service

We like to know all of our customers and ensure they are benefiting from the FLEETBridge service.

Proudly Canadian

We operate in and understand the Canadian business landscape and adhere to all Canadian data protection laws. Our company and YOUR data are located in Canada and always will be.

Easy to Access Your Information

A combination of web-based mapping application, summary reports, and email notifications, FLEETBridge keeps you aware and on top of what is happening with most important assets.

The FLEETBridge system allows you to view workforce, vehicle, and equipment activities from your computer or smartphone via your web browser. This is done via the secure FLEETBridge site at You can also access the service via smartphone on the mobile-optimized site at

FLEETBridge applications operate on all leading browsers including Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. The portal is controlled by secure usernames and passwords and information displayed on the portal is encrypted via the internet-based HTTPS protocol.

Powerful Reports

FLEETBridge has easy to read reports that can provide you with the management information you need to make important business decisions. Reports can be obtained for just about anything you can think of.

Basic Reports

+ Asset Location

+ Fleet Daily Trips | Time Sheet Reports

+ Fleet Daily Summary

+ Fleet Monthly Summary

+ Geofence Activity

+ Start–Stop Activity

+ Vehicle Events

+ Vehicle Maintenance

+ Maintenance Logs

Advanced Reports

Includes all Basic Reports plus:

+ Driving Behavior Reports:

+ Idle Percentage

+ Speed Percentage

+ Speed Summary

+ Idle Report

+ After Hours Activities

+ Geofence Reports:

+ Detailed Hours

+ Detailed Runtime Hours

+ Summary Hours

+ Speeding

Administration Reports

Included in both the Basic and Advanced service plans:

+ Device Inventory

+ User Account Status

+ User Access

+ User Activity

Automated reporting is a key feature of the FLEETBridge system. Each report can be sent to you and other interested and authorized people automatically. You don’t have to filter through lots of information to find what’s important to you. Timely and meaningful data is delivered right to your inbox.

Choosing the Right Technology Options

FLEETBridge is a technology agnostic solution so you can choose the device and communication network provider that best fits your needs. There are a number of GPS tracking systems and wireless networks that employ a range of wireless technology. Understanding your options is critical to making sure you choose the right one for you. We’ll work with you to put together an effective and affordable system.

Below are 9 things you should consider when you are determining your technology requirements:

1. How many and what types of assets are you tracking?

2. What does your device need to be able to monitor?

3. What geographic coverage do you need?

4. What environmental conditions are you deploying in?

5. How do you want to install and power your device?

6. Do you require integration with other software or hardware?

7. What are your short-term and long-term fleet tracking goals?

8. What is your budget?

9. What is your timeline for deployment?

Maintenance Monitoring & Scheduling

The FLEETBridge Maintenance Module enables you to keep track of when your vehicles need maintenance, based on mileage, run-time hours or date/calendar.

Maintenance schedules are easy to create and can help you monitor vehicle use and keep track of recurring or single occurrence vehicle and safety events. You can be alerted via email about overdue or upcoming maintenance actions.

Accurate and timely information about how your vehicles are being driven can help you implement solutions to reduce wear and tear on your fleet, keep your vehicles in top shape and support workforce safety.

The FLEETBridge Maintenance Module can also be used to monitor and report the run-time hours on specialized equipment.

Integration with Software & Hardware

FLEETBridge is a technology agnostic platform – it can be integrated seamlessly with your current software solutions and existing hardware devices.

FLEETBridge can work with your existing office applications, feeding those systems with relevant and accurate data. Using our open APIs we can provide information from your devices out in the field, and make it available to you, in real-time, using your existing systems.

Benefiting From FLEETBridge

We offer location-based services to companies ranging from individuals to small and medium-sized business to large corporations. We are also happy to work with organizations that operate their fleet only part-time or seasonally.

“Effective asset management can have profound implications for the operational efficiency and overall profitability of companies…Fleet management can improve operations and workflow management, and reduce the occurrence of driver fatigue and help improve driver behaviour. “

Telsyte, November 2013

Many of our clients work in:

Construction • Equipment Rental • Landscaping & Yard Maintenance • Municipalities • Security • Vehicle Leasing & Rental

Our clients benefit from having a better understanding of how they are deploying, utilizing, and ensuring the safety of their employees, as well as assets. We help them to get accurate information about:

Vehicles & Equipment Usage

+ Locate vehicles & equipment

+ Run-time hours of vehicles & equipment

+ On-time return

+ Plow, or other implement, engagement

Employee Safety & Behavior

+ Where your workforce is

+ On-time performance

+ Hours on duty & on site

+ Geography restrictions – monitor for usage compliance

+ Driving behavior (e.g. speeding & hard braking)

Job Estimates & Audits

+ Number of hours of equipment & people used on a specific job

+ Service audit – on-time, on site, & equipment engagement evidence

If you Lease or Rent Vehicles … FLEETBridge is a valuable, and profitable, additional service for you to offer your clients. Contact us for more information on how to become a FLEETBridge partner.