Benefits of GPS Tracking

Today managing your fleet is more important than ever. Ensuring that you have complete and total control over your fleet at all times can often be the difference between business succeeding or failing.


A location-based fleet solution can increase the efficiency of your mobile workforce. It can provide driving efficiency, decrease your ecological footprint, assist your field personnel, and provide your back office and business management with the data to make better decisions.



+ Decrease wear and tear on vehicles and equipment

+ Improve driving safety

+ Faster emergency response times



+ Accurate and auditable service performance records

+ Optimize asset usage

+ Create green initiative to reduce community environmental impact



+ Reduce vehicle and equipment maintenance costs, tampering and theft

+ Lower fleet fuel bills

 Reduce payroll inaccuracies

Return on Investment

It is challenging to calculate the exact savings of a fully utilized fleet tracking system – better information is the key. With detailed vehicle and driving behaviour reporting, FLEETBridge delivers important, actionable information quickly and easily. When trying to quantify your company’s potential ROI, there are a number of factors to consider:

Reduced Fuel Usage
More Accurate Timesheets
Decreased Maintenance
Longer Life of Vehicles & Equipment
More Efficient Asset Scheduling
Reduced Vehicle & Equipment Theft