Case Study:
ALSA Construction

Fleetbridge Solutions Bring Success to the Construction Industry

fleet management software

Initial Situation

ALSA’s primary reason for seeking a fleet tracking solution was the mounting operating costs associated with managing their large team of employees, vehicles, and equipment across their remote work sites. With assets deployed across Alberta, they need location-based services to coordinate the dispatch of their crews and maximize equipment utilization.

Fleetbridge's Solutions

fleet management software

Employee Monitoring

Using the FLEETBridge software, ALSA had the immediate benefit of confirming arrival and departure times at job sites as well as travel time. ALSA was also able to confirm billable hours and ensure their teams were on site as scheduled.

fleet management software

Asset Management

Using real time location monitoring, ALSA can more efficiently move inventory trucks and equipment between sites and determine which equipment assets were being efficiently utilized. Notifications of after hour use eliminated any unauthorized use of the company vehicles and assets.

fleet management software

Reporting & Analytics

Vehicle maintenance notifications based on tracked usage enabled ALSA to keep track of fleet maintenance to save on unnecessary repair costs. Reporting notifications on events of speeding, hard breaking, fast start, and idling time encouraged safer driving practices and reduced maintenance costs.

ALSA's Return On Investment

After gathering and analyzing their vehicle and equipment data, ALSA determined that their trucks were idling too much and they identified opportunities around equipment maintenance scheduling. Once they discovered these opportunities and used the FLEETBridge solution to actively manage them, ALSA saved thousands of dollars and prevented downtime on jobs.

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