Case Study:

Fleetbridge's Tracking Solutions Can Provide Your Business With Powerful Insights

fleet management software

Initial Situation

As one of the largest Canadian RV rental and sales companies, CanaDream initially partnered with FLEETBridge for a fleet tracking solution to prevent asset theft and provide location based services such as scheduling and dispatching. Their vehicles travel all over North America and require a solution that would travel everywhere their guests venture. CanaDream had to be able to monitor vehicles, driver safety and, in some situations, investigate to determine potential liability.

Fleetbridge's Solutions

fleet management software

Asset Tracking

Using our software, CanaDream is now able to locate missing or stolen motorhomes. The system provides peace of mind, cost control, and reassurance for their financing partners as they are able to locate assets at all times.

API Integration

We combine hardwired GPS tracking hardware together with easy to use FLEETBridge web and mobile applications. The GPS units are installed during the manufacturing process - capturing the entire lifecycle of the vehicle. Our software keeps track of where each vehicle has traveled, how far it as been driven since maintenance, and provides ongoing analytics.

Canadream's Return On Investment

Our FLEETBridge fleet tracking solution allowed CanaDream to gain valuable insights into how their guests were using their service and vehicle performance enabling an even better experience. Utilizing fleet tracking, CanaDream developed heat maps of their guest’s travel patterns. With this data, they were able to determine the most popular routes and attractions, and make travel recommendations so guests could enjoy their ideal RV vacation.

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