Fleet Management

Fleet Management Software & GPS Fleet Tracking Your Business Can Rely On

Optimize your business by managing, analyzing and improving your fleet operations.

fleet management software

Want to improve your fleet’s productivity?

Complete more jobs in fewer hours and kilometers with real-time visibility into vehicle location, traffic data and route analytics.

fleet management software

Having trouble monitoring maintenance needs?

Get instant alerts and reports when your vehicles or equipment need maintenance, gas, or their battery level is low.

fleet management software

Looking to streamline your business?

Our software simplifies compliance and operations with a platform that combines GPS tracking, hours of services, and more.

Ready to get your fleet on track?

Reduce Stress & Improve Performance With Our Fleet Management Software

Our fleet management software collects immense amounts of data from
your fleet, organizes it with the user-friendly interface and presents it to you so you can understand the information and use it optimize your business operations. Our program allows you to manage maintenance schedules, save on operational costs, achieve and monitor better safety
standards, and keep your fleet accountable. Trust FLEETBridge as your partner in making sure vehicles are operating efficiently and drivers are being safe and responsible.

fleet tracking software

Save on Operational Cost

Stay Ahead With Maintenace Reports

Unlock critical insights without referring to complicated spreadsheets. Our software simplifies your fuel data collection by having drivers input gas receipts and kilometres driven directly into our mobile-friendly app.

fleet tracking software
fleet tracking software

Idle Time Monitoring

You can stay aware of when your fleet is idle to monitor productivity and track how it is affecting your business’ bottom line. This monitoring could help you save on maintenance costs.

Monitor Vehicle Usage

Using our reporting and analytics features, you can manage and track cost/kilometre and kilometres/litre improvements for individual vehicles, drivers, or the fleet as a whole.

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Achieve Better Safety Standards

fleet tracking software

Driving Score Enables Safer Driving

We know that ensuring safety is one of your main priorities, but can also be a huge challenge when it comes to fleet management. Stay informed about personnel safety and emergency situations.

Crash Reports

Crash reports are sent to you immediately with information regarding the incident location, severity, and time so that you can decide how to adequately respond and handle the situation.

fleet tracking software
fleet management software

Speed Tracking

Our software alerts you when drivers are not complying to safety standards such as adhering to safe and legal speed limits.

Hours Of Service

To better support your team and their safety, our software keeps you updated on how long your drivers have been at the wheel, letting them know when it’s time to take a break.

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Better Visibility & Control

User Friendly

Whether you're in the office, on the go, or on site, maintaining visibility and control of your fleet has never been easier. Our connected platform gives you the flexibility to see what’s happening in the field.

Job Tracking

You can see how much time is spent idling to save on fuel and see when employees are using company vehicles to run errands, and how much time they spend at the job site.

fleet tracking software

Interactive & Informative

Find out everything you need to know about your fleet and communicate more effectively with your personnel. You even have the ability to respond to emergency situations immediately, whether they be collisions, theft, or unsafe behaviour.

Real Time Updates

Using our detailed real-time reports, you can understand all aspects of your fleet operations to improve your budgets and project planning.

Let’s get your fleet on track




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