Personnel Management


Employee monitoring software to optimize your business by managing, analyzing and optimizing operations.

employee monitoring software

Struggling to track safety compliance?

Protect your assets, reputation and team by monitoring driver behaviour.

fleet management software

Need to know where your team is at any given moment?

Easily track individual drivers remotely to monitor productivity and performance.

fleet management software

Looking to streamline your business?

Our software simplifies compliance and operations with a platform that combines GPS tracking, hours of services, and more.

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Reduce Stress & Improve Performance With Employee Tracking Software

At FLEETBridge, our goal is to reduce the stress business owners experience when operating their business and managing their team of professionals. We don’t just want to make your job easier but we want to help you do it better. Our employee monitoring software collects immense amounts of data from your fleet, organizes it with the user-friendly interface and presents it to you so you can understand the information and use it to optimize your business operations. With our employee tracking software, you can monitor and ensure your personnel are safe and productive at any given moment. Trust FLEETBridge as your partner in making sure vehicles are operating efficiently and drivers are being safe and responsible.

employee monitoring software

Achieve Better Safety Standards

fleet management software

We know that ensuring safety is one of your main priorities, but can also be a huge challenge when it comes to fleet management. Keep track of your team and their personal safety with fall detection and SOS alert programs built into our personnel monitoring software.

fleet management software
fleet management software

Driving Usage

To better support your team and their safety, our software keeps you updated on how long your drivers have been at the wheel and letting them know when it’s time to take a break.

SOS Alerts

Our employee monitoring software can send alerts when your personnel press an alert button in emergency situations.

Fall Detection

If one of your employees takes a fall while on the job, you can be notified immediately. Our app allows you to pinpoint the location of your personnel and talk to them through 2-way voice communication.

Improve Visibility & Control

Whether you're in the office, on the go, or on-site, maintaining visibility and control of your team has never been easier with our employee monitoring software. Our connected platform gives you the flexibility to see what’s happening in the field. Use our 2-way voice communication system to talk to your employees when they're injured or in an emergency situation.

employee monitoring software

Interactive Web-Based Maps

Create employee profiles, and track their movements on our interactive map. With the visibility of all personnel at one time, you can ensure everyone is where they need to be.

Lone Worker Compliance

Our lone worker compliance software works indoors and in enclosed spaces through satellite connectivity. Make sure your personnel are never out of reach, even when they're lost or injured.

3rd Party Monitoring

If you can't make it to your personnel in their time of need, you can set up 3rd party monitoring. SOS calls will redirect to a 3rd party who will respond to the call anytime night or day.

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