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fleet management software

Locate The Needle In The Haystack

Asset & Fleet Management

Whether you have 1, 5, or 500 assets or vehicles, our technology is designed to give you visibility so you are able to protect, manage and monitor every vehicle or piece of equipment you own. You can also locate specific assets or vehicles quickly through the search capabilities within the software. When you search, your map will automatically be updated based on your search inputs. We can help you know where your vehicles and drivers are and understand what is affecting your business’ productivity

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fleet tracking software
fleet tracking software

Information Is Power

Reporting & Analytics

Our software has over 20 standard built-in reporting tools and templates as well as the ability to customize reports specific to your needs. The standard reports include location report, driver score, geophone activity report, maintenance report, fleet report, route summaries, fuel usage, and much more!

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Don't Miss A Tune-up

Maintenance Monitoring

This software feature enables you to keep track of when your vehicles or equipment need maintenance. Our software tracks this based on mileage, run-time hours, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics) and more.

Stay on top of it all

fleet management software
fleet management software

Don't Misplace Your Assets

Geofencing & Landmark

Use our geofence feature to monitor and alert you when assets enter or exit a geographic boundary or fence you create on your digital map. You can also name points of interest on your digital map using the landmark feature. This feature can be used to notify you when a vehicle or asset is on the yard or at a job site.

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Narrow Down Your Search

Search Capabilities

We have advanced search features so you can filter your desired queries. Your map is automatically updated based on your search inputs. You can choose to display your search results in the map or data view.

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asset tracking software
fleet management software

Encourage Safer Driving

Driver Management

In the software, each driver gets a profile and is assigned to a vehicle and device when they are on duty. Risk and safety scores (on a scale of 1 to 5) are assigned to drivers based on factors such as speeding, braking habits, acceleration, and after-hours vehicle usage. You also receive alerts via SMS or email when a vehicle is idle or a driver is engaged in high-risk activities. For example, you can set a speed threshold and receive a notification when a driver goes over a certain km/hr.

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Monitor Your Vehicle's Status

Temperature Sensors

Our temperature sensors are extremely valuable for business owners, especially in the food delivery service industry. When our system alerts you that the temperature in one of your vehicles has dropped, you can follow-up to ensure that your vehicle is secure and no one has broken in and stolen equipment or merchandise. This feature can work in tandem with the geofencing feature to prevent theft by notifying you of a change in temperature in a vehicle, from a door being opened, while it is outside of one of your geofenced areas.

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fleet management software
fleet management software

Distance is No Obstacle

API Integration

Our software can be seamlessly integrated with your current software solutions and existing hardware devices. Further, the FLEETBridge software can work within any existing office applications and can feed those systems relevant and accurate data collected from monitoring your fleet. Using our open APIs we can provide information from your devices out in the field, and make it available to you, in real-time, using your existing systems.

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