Asset Management


Asset tracking software to enhance your business by managing, analyzing and optimizing utilization of your assets.

asset tracking software

Want to protect your
assets against theft?

Avoid unnecessary losses by knowing the real-time location and status of all of your assets.

fleet management software

Having trouble monitoring maintenance needs?

Get instant alerts and reports when your vehicles or equipment need maintenance, gas, or their battery level is low.

fleet management software

Looking to streamline your business?

Our software simplifies compliance and operations with a platform that combines GPS tracking, hours of services, and more.

Let’s get your fleet on track

Reduce Stress & Improve Performance With Asset Management Software

Our asset tracking software collects immense amounts of data from your fleet, organizes it with the user-friendly interface, and presents it to you so you can understand the information and use it to optimize your business operations. With our asset tracking system, you can monitor and ensure all of your heavy equipment, trucks and trailers are right where they need to be at all times. You never have to worry about where your assets are or if they are protected. Trust FLEETBridge as your partner in making sure vehicles are operating efficiently and drivers are being safe and responsible.

fleet tracking software

Protect Onsite Equipment

Our connected platform gives your the flexibility to see what’s happening in the field. Using our detailed real-time reports, you can understand all aspects of your fleet operations to improve your budgets and project planning. Respond to emergency situations immediately, whether they be collisions, theft or unsafe behaviour.

fleet management software


Establish a geofencing perimeter to ensure your assets are never too far away. You can customize the size of the area, and you'll receive notifications of any boundary breaches.


You can name points of interest on your digital map using the landmark feature. This feature can be used to notify you when a vehicle or asset is on the yard or at a job site.

Real-Time Notifications

Whether you’re in the office, on the go, or on site, you can monitor your assets at your fingertips. Our comprehensive asset management software gives you real-time status updates.

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Optimize Asset Use​

With our asset tracking system, you can monitor idle and active assets to inform your business decisions and utilize all the assets you have available. You can even save on maintenance costs with our preventative maintenance notifications and tracking capabilities so your equipment isn’t over-used and under-serviced.

fleet management software

Custom Hierarchies for Assets

With our custom hierarchies feature, you can group your assets based on purpose, overall efficiency, cost of operating, and more.

Detailed Asset Search

Find the vehicle you're looking for with our detailed asset search tool. Enter the necessary information and track where each asset is at any given time.

Understand & Manage Fuel Costs

With our reporting and analytics features, you can stay aware of operational and fuel costs of all of your equipment and make the necessary changes to increase your business’ bottom line.

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Save on Operational Costs

Achieve Better Safety Standards

fleet management software

We know that ensuring safety is one of your main priorities but can also be a huge challenge when it comes to managing your business. Our asset management software monitors and keeps track of vehicles and equipment run times to ensure preventative maintenance schedules are followed and safety recalls are addressed.

fleet management software
fleet management software

Engine Issue Detections

If any engine issues or other safety concerns are detected, our system alerts you immediately. By keeping your assets in working order, you are protecting your team and your business from unnecessary uncertainty and potential danger.

Service History

Our software keeps track of vehicle service histories so that you don't have to remember to make the appointments; instead we'll send reminders to your device. Keep your team and equipment safe by staying up to date with all necessary maintenance.

Hours of Operation

To better support your team's safety, our software keeps you updated on how long your employees have been working and letting them know when it’s time to take a break.

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